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CTCP Amsky Ausetter 400 salah satu tipe dari mesin CTCP Amsky, tersedia untuk 32 channel dan 48 channel, memiliki beberapa kelebihan dibandingkan dengan produk serupa dari merk lainnya, diantaranya:

Mature and reliable 32-64 channels; Discrete 830nm laser diode technology

Extremely clear and sharp screen dots can be exposed; Resistance rate is high and it’s operated in light room; Service life extends as long as tens of thousands of hours; Replacement is economic and convenient.

CTCP Amsky Ausetter 400

Amsky Ausetter 400

Dynamic and Automatic Focusing

AMSKY Ausetter 400 track in real time the variation of surface fluctuation and adjust the lens forwards or backwards to assure the distance between exposure dots and lens is unchangeable. Each laser spot is exposed at the best focal length to assure all the screen dots are accordant, clear and sharp.

CTCP Amsky ausetter 432

Amsky ausetter 400 series

Special Screen Dots Control Technology

Screen dots gain problems caused by size of laser spots are accurately compensated for so that 1%~ 99% grayscale gradients is perfectly presented by mesin CTCP Amsky Ausetter 400.

Mesin CTCP Amsky Ausetter 400

CTCP Amsky

Exposure Design with External Drum Style

The printing plates CTCP Amsky Ausetter 400 are clamped and bent in the style closest to the press, high-quality and exactly accordant dots are exposed and printing forms are output at high speed up to 29 pages of 1030x800mm per hour.

Spesifikasi Amsky Ausetter 400


Exposing Method

External Drum
Imaging System
24-channel 32-channel 48-channel 24-channel 32-channel 48-channel
Discrete 400-410nm laser
Discrete 830nm laser
Output Speed
16 plates/hour 22 plates/hour 28 plates/hour 16 plates/hour 22 plates/hour 28 plates/hour
800×660mm 2,400dpi
Plate Size
Max.800×660mm,Min. 400×300mm
Exposing Size
Media Type
UV plate, high-sensitive PS plate Thermal plate
Plate Thickness
±5μm(Continuous exposure over four times on the same plate with a temperature of 23℃ and 60% RH )
USB2.0/USB3.0(Recommended option is USB2.0)
Plate Loading
First manual, then autoload
Net Weight
Device Size
Power supply
Single phase:200V-240V; Max power(Peak value):4KW
Recommended temperature: 21-25℃ Allowable temperature: 18-26℃ Humidity: <70%

Harga mesin CTCP Amsky Ausetter 400

Harga jual Amsky Ausetter 400 masih lebih kompetitif (silahkan cek sendiri dipasaran) dari merk lain dengan tipe sejenis, sedangkan untuk kemampuannya sendiri justru lebih baik, tipe ini termasuk best seller untuk merk Amsky dengan ukuran setengah plano.

Mesin CTCP Amsky Ausetter 400 series

Amsky Ausetter 400

Spare parts dari mesin CTCP Amsky tersedia lengkap, teknisi yang ada sudah berpengalaman sejak lama, dan siap memberikan support serta aftersales yang baik, bisa dibandingkan sendiri untuk pelayanan yang diberikan.

Mesin CTCP Amsky Ausetter 400 series

Fast auto balance

Informasi pembelian atau keterangan lengkap mesin CTP Amsky Ausetter 400 bisa menghubungi kami langsung melalui kontak yang tersedia, atau melalui no: 0858-99989808 (Phone/SMS/WhatsApp).

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