Mesin laminating offset Homan ZFM

Mesin laminating offset Homan ZFM

Mesin laminating offset Homan ZFM digunakan sebagai mesin laminasi pada banyak percetakan, ini merupakan semi automatic thermal BOPP laminating, ada beberapa tipe dengan ukuran yang berbeda dari mesin ini yang tersedia.

Mesin laminating offset Homan ZFM

Homan ZFM

Ukuran dan tipe yang ada, yaitu:

  • ZFM-720A
  • ZFM-920A
  • ZFM-1100A


Model ZFM-720A ZFM-920A ZFM-1100A
Max Paper Width 720 mm 920 mm 1100 mm
Laminating Speed 0-30 m/min 0-30 m/min 0-30 m/min
Temperature ≤130℃ ≤130℃ ≤130℃
Gross Power 17 kw 19 kw 21 kw
Overall Dimensions 4000 × 1600 × 1600mm 4000 × 1800 × 1600mm 4000 × 2000 × 1600mm
Weight 1500 kg 1800 kg 2000 kg
Mesin laminating offset Homan ZFM

Corrugated delivey system

Fitur lain dari mesin laminating offset Homan ini:

Functional Advantages:
ZFM Semi Automatic Thermal Laminator Machine is apply to thermal film lamination. Pneumatic separation system is mainly suitable for OPP and Bopp film. Compact structure, saving occupied area and touch screen system is easy for operation. Electrical appliance component is centralized controlled by programmable system. Bulky heat conducting oil roller inner circulation system with hydraulic laminating system guarantee high speed lamination.

Mesin laminating offset Homan ZFM pneumatic system

Pneumatic separation system

Configuration & Functions:
1. Frequency converter with infinitely variable speed, which ensures the speed adjustment convenient and efficient,and makes the machine run stably and quietly.
2. Enlarged size of chromed heating roller (φ320mm)is mounted with built-in oil heating system which provides balanced laminating temperature and owns excellent temperature persistence.
3.Hydraulic system for laminating.
4.Pneumatic film unwinding system positions film roll more accurately,Convenient for loading and unloading the film roll with auto tension.
5. Sets of serrated perforating wheels provide different choices for different specifications of sheets and film.
6. Color man-machine interface with PLC control system, easy for operation.
7. corrugated curve proof system for thin paper, to make thin paper flat and smooth.
8. Pneumatic separator with three press rolls.

Harga mesin laminating offset Homan

Harga mesin laminating offset Homan merupakan yang termurah dikelasnya, dan memiliki garansi selama 1 tahun (*), dan dilihat dari kemampuan serta fitur yang terdapat pada mesin laminasi ini yang lebih unggul dibandingkan dengan lainnya.

Laminating thermal Homan

Informasi pembelian atau keterangan lebih lengkap mengenai mesin laminating offset Homan ZFM ini, bisa menghubungi kami langsung melalui kontak yang tersedia, atau melalui no: 0858-99989808 (Phone/SMS/WhatsApp).

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  • PT. Abadi Aksara Reply

    Berapa harga mesin YDFM 720A . Saya butuh 1 unit.

    2 February, 18 at 8:09 am
    • Amsky Reply

      Bisa kontak langsung dengan no. kontak yang tertera pak. Trim’s.

      2 February, 18 at 9:12 am

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